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Where is my prescription or order at this moment?

Because we can enter email addresses in the new pharmacy computer system (from September 1, 2018) you can now get a so-called track & trace link from us directly mailed. This is possible if we have entered your email address in our new pharmacy computer system and forwarded to the software of the parcel service.

Our shipping label for the parcel service is created when the recipe is accounted for (which is the most efficient way in our production process). Then the recipe goes into production and is usually 1-3 days later collected by the parcel service. For orders with the NatuurApotheek (also with Sanjiao and EuroherbsPharmacy) there is a phase of 1-3 days where the track & trace number is already active, but no shipping status can be shown yet. It's good to know this.

If you have requested a prescription from your practitioner less than 2 weeks ago, your prescription is most likely still in progress and will soon be offered to you by the parcel service. The parcel service leaves a message behind when you are not home. Using the information in this message you can change the delivery date and time to your liking.

The time between request of the recipe and home delivery takes up to 2 weeks maximum. The practitioner needs about 1-3 working days to review your prescription request, transfer it to a prescription and forward it to us. The pharmacy needs about 1-3 days to prepare the recipe and make it ready for delivery, then the parcel service needs approximately 1-3 business days to deliver the package.

If it is more than two weeks since you requested a prescription from your practitioner, then it's time to contact the pharmacy. Possibly your practitioner has not yet transferred you recipe request to a prescription for the pharmacy, or possibly the parcel service can hardly reach your shipping address. In the pharmacy we can check it for you and let you know exactly what is going on so that you, your practitioner or the pharmacy can take specific action.

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