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The NatuurApotheek philosophy


 "The NatuurApotheek is forward-thinking and wants to engage actively in cooperation with the regular and complementary field to increase the quality of pharmaceutical care. All this in service towards the patient."

Nicole Wauters and Charles Wauters are retired, but will continue to share their knowledge and skills. Edwin gives new impetus to the NatuurApotheek and is the new pharmacist since July 1, 2013. It's a unique concept and the name speaks for itself. The NatuurApotheek is a licensed pharmacy. It is your guide to naturopathic, orthomolecular and mycological prescription. The NatuurApotheek provides custom made recipes and spécialités, Eastern or Western, simple or complex and in any form and appropriate amount from the philosophy: quality and safety, there where tradition and science go hand in hand, in service and out of respect for the patient.

Tradition in contemporary setting

In 1982, Charles Wauters started in providing herbal compounds in a regular pharmacy, which ultimately resulted in the full-fledged independent branch of the NatuurApotheek in Pijnacker in August 2002. He held various positions in national and international organizations which critically stimulate herbal medicine or natural medicine. He was a board member of the NVF (Dutch Association of Phytotherapy). In the NatuurApotheek is an enthusiastic team of pharmacy assistants and other skilled employees.

Custom formulas, custom made formulation and modern dosages

Substantially, the custom made formulation is prepared in all contemporary forms of dosage on the basis of Western or Eastern tradition or other natural medicine principles and also from orthomolecular raw materials. The NatuurApotheek delivers dry extracts (such as granulates), liquid extracts (such as hydrophilic concentrates and tinctures), raw herbs (cut or ground), capsules, tablets, creams and ointments, eye-, nose- and ear-drops, syrups etc.

The tinctures of the NatuurApotheek are extraordinary

In the European Phytotherapy a ratio 1:10 is standard practice, corresponding to the strength of a mother tincture (MT). The NatuurApotheek uses standard 1: 5 as is common in the Anglo-Saxon world. The advantage is that less alcohol is administered by this ratio, and that it is price-wise economical. A large group of users appreciates this very much.

Certified quality and maximum safety 

The NatuurApotheek now has a stock of about 3,000 items of controlled natural resources, raw materials provided with a certificate of analysis. The analyses must comply with monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia, other European recognized pharmacopoeia or a monograph that meets the latest scientific standards. As a result, the safety is optimally ensured. 
Interactions and contraindications are indicated with the deliverance if known.

Expert advice: added value to healthcare

The philosophy is that the patient is helped by having the correct diagnosis, the right treatment and the right compounds. Knowledge of both worlds (NatuurApotheek and 'normal' pharmacy) makes a close interaction possible between the regular field and the additive field. Besides, 'regular', 'additives' and 'alternative' are normative concepts. For example, what is mentioned here as 'alternative' is called ‘regular’ in China.

The NatuurApotheek sustains pharmacists and professionals through advice and information about products, recipes, safety and contraindications, and wants in an efficient interaction connect regular and naturopathic fields in a meaningful way to communicate and discuss with each other.

The NatuurApotheek will thus contribute to an integrated model in healthcare, where the ordinances will be progressively regrouped into workable and professional wholes which contribute to the welfare of the patient. This requires openness, and we should show each other what we are doing, share our doubts, skills and blunders.