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Tablets and teas

The NatuurApotheek exclusively delivers herbal compositions of the renowned naturopathic late Nico Bos. The elegance of this line is that it is limited, clear and yet complete. Bos based his system on the five human constitutions. The purpose of Bos was to provide a subsequent herbal therapy to his patients after diagnosis (e.g. through iridology) based on simplicity, efficacy and availability. His knowledge, his thirty-year experience and his passion for helping people, made that he perfectly succeeded. His Compendium is organized, compact and instructive. His motivation and introduction to phytotherapy are a college of then.

The booklet is divided into four segments after the introductory section:
A very brief section on constitutional types
2.    A part in which herbal recipes will be discussed
A short part about homeopathy and finally
The most practical section with disease and its recommended herbal combinations

All the herbs in the recipe of Nico Bos are Western Europe without exception, so just from our environment. Quality is thus within reach. At least considerably easier than with herbs from i.e. India or South America. He uses explicitly the whole (integral) herb. I.e. no high tech extracts, plant material as nature offers us. He describes recipes which are to be taken as a tea and recipes of which (again from the integral herb) tablets are made. Both the tablets and teas are numbered.
With combinations of tablets and teas one can make, very subtle and with relatively few resources, a large number of variations that are beneficial to health in many different problems.