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How can I place an order or prescription at the NatuurApotheek such that this recipe can be processed by the pharmacy as quickly as possible?

When you have a v
alid pharmacy repeat-prescription on paper

When you still have a valid pharmacy repeat-prescription on paper of the NatuurApotheek in your possession, you can best send this prescription by digital email (scanned or a readable picture) to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or you can send the repeat-prescription paper by post to: The NatuurApotheek, Freepost 13165, 2650 WE Pijnacker, the Netherlands. The validity of this paper repeat-prescription is determined by the outstanding number of repetitions, or the end-date of the repetitions in the pharmacy computer system.

When you have no valid repeat-prescription

If you have no valid repeat-prescription from the pharmacy anymore, there are the following options to submit a recipe with us. It is best to have your practitioner choose one of the upper two of the following options (quickest options). The secure connectivity options to transmit prescriptions to the NatuurApotheek are:

  1. (only for physicians and therapists)

  2. The NatuurApotheek fax: +31 15 3614455 (only for physicians and therapists)

  3. The NatuurApotheek by post: The NatuurApotheek, Weteringweg 14, 2641 KM Pijnacker, The Netherlands (for physicians, therapists and patients).

Place an order without a prescription from a practitioner or without a repeat-prescription from the pharmacy

If you would like to place an order without a prescription from a practitioner or without a repeat-prescription from the pharmacy,
 that can be done for all ready-made dietary supplements on the market, or we make it as own prepared food supplement. We then need to have the following information from you:

Your initials, surname, sir or madam, street name and house number, zip code, city, date of birth, email-address and mobile phone number, if necessary, another delivery address, if necessary, another billing name and -address.

For each product that you order we need: full name, the brand, the strength indicator, the number of packages and the number of pieces per package.

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