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What needs to be on prescription or which information is necessary for the pharmacy to process your prescription?


  • The full name, address, place of residence information of your practitioner incl. telephone number or email address.
  • Your initials, surname, sir or madam, address, date of birth, email-address and mobile phone number, if necessary, another delivery address, another billing name and –address.
  • The name of the medicine together with the strength of, e.g. your tablet or capsule, for example thyreoïdum tablets 60 mg, the amount of pieces of tablets or capsules, e.g. 180 pieces, the daily dose in number at a time and per day, for example 2 times a day 3 tablets of 60 mg, and the number of allowable repeats of the recipe, for example repeat recipe 3x, or repeat recipe for up to 1 year after the present recipe-date

In the Netherlands, the law provides that a recipe can never be prescribed for longer than one year. It is important to discuss with your therapist that all these details appear on the recipe. It's fine if you yourself can complete the recipe with the correct additional details towards the pharmacy in an accompanying email, should we lack anything of the details. If one or more of these details are missing, your prescription can not be accounted for and certainly not be prepared, which leads to unnecessary ways of communication and delays in delivery. It is therefore particularly in your own interest to carefully monitor this.

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