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How can I as a practitioner easily order all kinds of ready-made natural medicines at the NatuurApotheek?


That is the best, fastest and cheapest in our web shop for practitioners:  

It contains a wide range of human and veterinary Chinese herbal medicine, western herbal medicine, mycotherapy and orthomolecular therapeutic products. Among others, the exclusive brands Kaiser Pharmaceuticals (FP) together decocted granular compositions and tablets, Golden Flower Chinese Herbs (also together decocted Chinese herbal formulas for humans and animals from KP, the world's best quality granulate, the formulas of KAN (Ted Kaptchuk) and Jing Tang (Chinese herbal formulas for veterinarians).

Also many acupuncture needle brands such as Seirin, Marco Polo, Hwa, Dong Bang, Shenzhou, Orca Advanced and Tian Xie and various acupuncture supplies can be found and ordered here.

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