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How to get price information at the NatuurApotheek?


For many of our own preparations, we can give you a price indication in advance. See the page on our website:

For some brands of nutritional supplements, the NatuurApotheek has a nice consumer discount, see our website:

If you want to retrieve the exact price for your own preparations, we will need a minimum set of information:

  • What kind of commodities you want to use, e.g. raw herbs to make tea, powdered raw herbs for making capsules, dry extracts or granulates, liquid extracts, hydrophilic concentrates or tinctures?
  • How many grams or ml of each commodity would you like to use in your preparation?
  • How many grams or ml of the whole composition you wish, or the number of capsules or tablets (standard 500 mg / capsule, or tablet).
  • How many packages of how many pieces or how many grams or ml would you wish for?
  • With this information we can make the quotation. As this quotation process is quite labor intensive, we ask for a contribution towards our personnel costs of €10,- (incl. VAT).
  • If you place an order, the amount of these extra costs will be deducted from your total invoice amount.

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