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What special services can the NatuurApotheek offer me?


To meet the many wishes of many of our customers, we have developed all kinds of beautiful services with enthusiasm and passion in recent years. You may think of the execution of a medication-check or medication-assessment when a patient also uses synthetic medication, a tailored advice regarding your anamnesis / diagnosis / treatment strategy / envisaged herbal composition, the submission of a certificate of analysis of a commodity, requesting a composition of a preparation, the making of a medication-passport for a patient unknown to us and the development of many new customized products and advice thereby.

Overview prices and special services:

  • Medication review:
    € 0 (for customers of the NatuurApotheek)
    € 10 (for customers of Sanjiao and EuroherbsPharmacy)
    € 25 (for non customers)

  • Determination diagnosis / treatment strategy / herbal composition / second opinion:
    € 0 (for customers of the NatuurApotheek)
    € 25 (for customers of Sanjiao and EuroherbsPharmacy)
    € 50 (for non-customers)

  • Retrieval of a Certificate of Analysis, or composition preparation: 
    (for customers of the NatuurApotheek, Sanjiao or EuroherbsPharmacy)
    ot allowed for non-customers

  • Medication Passport:
    €0.- for private supplies
    €5,- for non-private supplies

  • Product development:
    €25 to €50,- / hour depending on cases and / or whether or not an existing customer,
    or €2500,- advance depending on case (€25,- to €50, - / hour)

  • Urgent recipe NL:
    (if sent before 12:00 o’clock in email and ship the same day): €10,-

  • Express delivery abroad (extra personnel- and administrative costs):



To realize that the costs (particularly personnel costs) we incur for the implementation of these and other wonderful future services will at least partly be borne by the consumers of those services, we ask from now on a partial compensation therefor. This has the advantage that the selling prices of all our raw materials, our compounding and products will increase slower than our purchase prices and that therefore those who would like to use a particular service also pay a part of it. This new situation does justice to our fair distribution of costs across all of our customers as coined by the former owner and founder of the pharmacy, Charles Wauters. The costs should ideally be worn by those who actually make that cost (the Lean and Mean principle).

With this, our new cost structure is future-proof and we strive to suit your requirements up to the maximum, so that at the end of the year our costs and benefits are reasonably balanced again.

With friendly greetings,

The team of the NatuurApotheek

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